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Write your own letter

Thank you so much for taking the time to draft your own letter! Writing your own letter to your MLA in support of midwives helps draw attention to your request. Below are some key points we’ve drafted to help you compose your letter.

Once you’ve used our MLA finder to identify your MLA, please address your MLA as:

Mr./Ms. NAME


Key point 1

Request your MLAs support in ensuring that midwives become full partners in the health care system with the provincial government, health authorities and other primary health care providers.

  • Midwives can help alleviate maternity care crisis facing rural British Columbia
  • To be full partners, the playing field must be leveled with other health care practitioners.

Key point 2

You might include one or all of these points to tell your MLA why midwives are important:

  • There are just 200 registered midwives in BC, but they deliver 10 per cent of the 40,000 babies born each year in BC.
  • Midwives are highly trained, university educated, publicly funded and regulated.
  • Midwives provide cost effective, safe, primary health care for pregnant women and newborn babies.
  • Midwives provide full prenatal, birth and post natal care to families across BC, in hospitals, clinics and at home.

Key point 3

End your letter by asking your MLA to support these three requests:

  • Midwives attending home births have access to the same level of supports as hospital deliveries.
  • Barriers to hospital privileging of midwives need to be addressed throughout the province
  • Implement recommendations of the Joint Policy Committee on Midwifery Issues – which was supported by the Ministry of Health Services

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