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Indigenous Midwives Advisory Council

At the MABC, the Indigenous Midwives Advisory Council (IMAC) acknowledges the ongoing efforts by Indigenous midwives to ensure safe care for Indigenous and non-Indigenous birthing people, newborns, families and communities in British Columbia (BC). Our council is committed to the restoration of Indigenous midwifery including reclaiming well-person care throughout the reproductive/sexual life cycle, supporting rites of passage, community leadership, returning birth back to community, and increasing the education of Indigenous midwives. Our advocacy calls on the commitments made by British Columbia’s Declaration Action Plan and our Province’s responsibility to meeting the recommendations of the In Plain Sight Report, Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Calls for Justice from National Inquiry to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.


IMAC Co-Chairs:            Tia Felix            

                                                   Jessica St. jean  

Indigenous Director:   Lisa Delorme     


The Strategic Plan for Indigenous Midwifery, developed by IMAC in 2022, outlines the long-term strategic goals, priorities, and action steps required to ensure Indigenous Midwifery becomes a sustainable practice.

Link here to see The Indigenous Midwifery Strategic Plan, Seven Generations Sustainability + Growth Pathway, 2022