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Temporary (emergency) Registration Available

In response to the PHO Immunization Order on March 14, 2021, the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) is making Temporary (emergency) registration available for qualified applicants for the purpose of providing assistance during the pandemic efforts as declared by PHO.

The Temporary (emergency) registration is available to Non-practicing registrants, former registrants and practicing midwives in other Canadian jurisdictions for a period of up to 180 days.   

Malpractice Insurance (MPP) premiums and MABC & BCCNM administrative fees are waived for Temporary (emergency) registrants.  For all other registrant categories usual premiums and fees apply.  

Proof of Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: In compliance with the Midwifery Preamble and Payment Schedule, the Midwives Protection Program (MPP) usually requires practicing midwives to carry comprehensive CGL insurance.  CGL is notably different from Professional Liability Insurance with MPP.  Professional Liability covers midwives’ liability exposure for loss or injury caused because of the rendering (or the failure to render) professional services. CGL insurance is designed to protect midwives’ business in the event a lawsuit is brought against a midwife and they are found legally liable. CGL will also cover defense costs.

While MPP will waive this requirement with respect to Temporary (emergency) registrants only, both MPP and the MABC strongly recommend that you be covered by CGL. If you wish to apply for CGL coverage available thru Shaw Sabey, please complete the "Application for CGL coverage" form and contact Shaw Sabey (contact information is on page 2 of the application form).

Steps to Registration as Temporary (Emergency) Midwife:

  1. First, contact BCCNM by email at to review if you meet the criteria and to complete BCCNM's application process.  
  2. Read all the MABC Membership agreement documents:
    1. Membership Policy
    2. Risk Management Policy: Reporting to MPP
    3. Policy on Commercial General Liability
    4. Midwifery Master Agreement & Midwifery Payment Schedule
    5. MABC Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  3. If you obtained CGL coverage, an electronic copy of your CGL insurance coverage certificate will be requested in the application process.  If you did not obtain CGL coverage, you will be able to pass this requirement.
  4. Complete your “Universal Dues Consent Form” – you will be requested to upload your completed form in the application process.
  5. Request the link to the MABC online application for new membership by emailing

Applications that are not approved by BCCNM will be canceled.

After completing your MABC new applicant form, the MABC will await for BCCNM's request for confirmation of MPP coverage.   Once the BCCNM has received confirmation from MABC, the registration process will be finalized and BCCNM will issue a memo confirming the registration of the new applicant as a Registered Midwife in B.C. 

Once the MABC receives confirmation of BCCNM registration, new registrants will receive a welcome email that will allow them access to the members’ only dedicated area of the MABC website. 

At the same time, the MABC will provide your certificate of professional liability insurance coverage to the credentialing coordinator of the hospital that you had indicated on your enrolment application under “Hospital Privileges Information”.

Please note that the MABC will not be issuing certificates of malpractice insurance coverage prior to the MABC receiving registration confirmation from BCCNM.  Completion of the MABC registration application and payment is not sufficient.

Association Operations: MABC Office hours are M-F 9 to 5.  Applications and emails received after hours will be reviewed during office hours. 

All questions regarding registration should be directed to the registration manager, Patricia Alcantara to