COVID-19 Updates

Temporary (emergency) Registration Available

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMBC has made Temporary (emergency) registration available to Non-practicing registrants, former registrants and practicing midwives in other Canadian jurisdictions.

IMPORTANT: If you are seeking Temporary (emergency) registration, please first contact CMBC by email at to review if you meet the criteria and to complete CMBC’s application process.  

Malpractice Insurance fees (MPP) for Temporary (emergency) registrants:  MPP premiums and MABC administrative fees are waived for Temporary (emergency) registrants.  For all other registrant categories usual premiums and fees apply.

Commercial General Liability Insurance:  While MPP will waive this requirement with respect to Temporary (emergency) registrants only, both MPP and the MABC strongly recommend that you be covered by CGL. If you wish to apply for CGL coverage available thru Shaw Sabey, please complete the "Application for CGL coverage" form and contact Shaw Sabey (contact information is on page 2 of the application form).

Former registrants and practicing midwives in other Canadian jurisdictions who wish to apply for Temporary (emergency) status must complete an online application here.  The application will be considered approved upon confirmation from the College of Midwives of BC.

Applications that are not approved by CMBC will be canceled.

Association Operations: MABC Office hours remain M-F 9 to 5.  Applications and emails received after hours will be reviewed during office hours. However, we will be scanning for emails from members who have a CMBC change of status to Temporary (emergency) during non-office hours.

All questions regarding registration should be directed to the registration manager, Patricia Alcantara to