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thumbnail June 20, 2019 Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Meet a Recent Indigenous Midwife Graduate from the UBC Midwifery Program. Congratulations, Tia!
Photo caption: Photo taken at the UBC Indigenous Grad. From left to right is Tia Felix, Tia's great-uncle Hop Haskett (crafter of her buckskin vest), gramps Earl Joe, great-uncle...
thumbnail May 13, 2019 IDM and BC Midwives' Day 2019!
What better way to celebrate IDM and BC Midwives' Day than with newborn babies! Please join us in welcoming 17 new babies born across the province with the assistance of midwives...
thumbnail March 19, 2019 Changing Childbirth in BC Findings
What are women telling us about giving birth in British Columbia? Women whose care providers deliver emotional support, communicate clearly, listen to women and respect...
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