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Midwives deliver for BC families every single day. But access to midwifery is already limited, and will get worse if the NDP Government doesn’t act now. 

We're asking midwives and supporters to call on the BC NDP to pledge its commitment to maternity health services by ushering in a stable and sustainable contract that compensates midwives fairly for the critical role they play in the healthcare system. Please follow the links below to show your support!

Are You a Registered Midwife?

Are You a Midwifery Supporter?

Three hundred midwives are involved in 22 per cent of all births in the province each year. Midwives are primary maternity care providers: we provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care equivalent to what you would receive from a family doctor. We attend births in hospitals and in homes. In many communities—particularly rural and remote communities—birthing families depend on midwives for access to safe, funded maternity services. 

But despite overwhelming evidence of our critical role in the health system, successive governments have failed to provide us with even our basic needs. We operate with zero benefits or retirement security, and cut our own parental leaves short. And unlike physicians and nurse practitioners, we have to pay 100% of the costs for operating our clinics and providing our services. 

In October, 65 percent of our members voted down an offer by the NDP government because it failed to incorporate requirements that are critical to sustaining the profession and ensuring midwifery care is available to birthing families in BC. 

On Monday, June 22, we returned to the bargaining table at a time when support and demand for midwifery is at an all-time high. But one-third of our members say it’s likely they will leave the profession within five years if support remains deficient. Midwives may be in it because it’s our calling, but no amount of passion can attract sufficient recruits without an urgent and robust rollout of Ministry-funded infrastructure. Join us in calling on the BC NDP government to deliver for BC Midwives now!