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Indigenous Families

Welcome to the website for the Midwives Association of BC (MABC). This site is dedicated to Indigenous people, families and communities. This page has been developed by the MABC’s Indigenous Lead and Committee for Indigenous Birthing.

Welcome. We created this page because we know midwifery means something a little different in our communities. Our history, when it comes to midwives, is different too. Many of us have grandmothers who were, or are, midwives. We know this is the way of our traditions in birthing. Though many of our communities have not had midwives for many years we know that bringing birth back has deep meaning.

This page is a space for learning and sharing so we can build strong, happy, and healthy communities in a way that reclaims midwifery as a tradition.

We aim to:

  • support BC’s Indigenous midwives in their work;
  • nurture aspiring midwives on their learning pathway; and
  • do what we can to help Indigenous people and communities access the care of midwives.

We also feel it’s important to guide non-Indigenous midwives and students as they journey to become more culturally safe care providers. Read MABC's statement on Cultural Safety Training for Midwives.

So what brought you here?

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