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thumbnail June 20, 2019 Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Meet a Recent Indigenous Midwife Graduate from the UBC Midwifery Program. Congratulations, Tia!
Photo caption: Photo taken at the UBC Indigenous Grad. From left to right is Tia Felix, Tia's great-uncle Hop Haskett (crafter of her buckskin vest), gramps Earl Joe, great-uncle...
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thumbnail November 6, 2019 Wellness collective hits full bloom
Sonje Juul, registered midwife, owner, Chvonne Hutchings, prenatal educator + doula, owner as well as Sydney Feddema, owner and postpartum doula. In January 2018 Bloom Family...
thumbnail September 30, 2019 Fearless PhD graduate strives to improve rural women’s health
Cathy Ellis, right, in one of Nepal's post-earthquake relief camps (Makwanpur) with Rashmi Rajopadhyaya, one of Ellis's co-researchers and a member of the Midwifery Society...
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