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thumbnail March 31, 2020 Nova Scotia has cancelled all home births—could it happen in other provinces?
The choice to have a home birth in Canada has been thrown into question this week, after the Nova Scotia government suspended midwifery-led home births without consultation of midwives.
thumbnail March 31, 2020 For some, a scramble to adjust birth plans after Island Health restricts delivery supports
Roxanne Egan-Elliott/ Times Colonist MARCH 29, 2020   Some pregnant women are changing their birth plans in response to new restrictions on the number of guests allowed...
thumbnail March 26, 2020 More moms choosing home births during COVID-19 crisis
More and more women are requesting home births requesting services from midwives during the pandemic. The Midwives Association of British Columbia is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Perinatal Services of BC to equip midwives personal protection equipment and other sanitizing supplies.
thumbnail March 20, 2020 Pregnant in a pandemic: expectant mothers change birth plans due to COVID-19
Expectant mothers across B.C. are changing their birthing plans in light of recent hospital policies responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Victoria woman Nadia McTaggart...
February 24, 2020 Midwifery model of care selected for Yukon
A midwifery model of care has been selected for Yukon. Midwives will be employees of the Government of Yukon to ensure Yukoners have access to sustainable and integrated midwifery...
thumbnail February 24, 2020 Tribunal delivers landmark victory to Ontario midwives in years-long pay-equity battle
By Laurie Monsebraaten Social Justice Reporter Mon., Feb. 24, 2020 4 min. read   In what is being hailed as a “historic, landmark” decision, Ontario’s human...
thumbnail February 19, 2020 Let’s talk about birth
(This story is sponsored by the Birth Place Lab at UBC.)   Pregnancy can be a time filled with so many new emotions and experiences. Though we tend to hear about...
thumbnail February 6, 2020 No Hospital, Birth Center, or Home Birth Is Risk-Free
WASHINGTON — A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine finds that there is no risk-free setting for giving birth, whether at home,...
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