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MABC Records Storage And Retention Program

The Records Storage and Retention Program aims to provide members with financial support to offset costs of midwifery records storage and retention. 

Note: Due to the popularity of the Records Storage and Retention Program, as of November 16, 2023, further applications to the program are on hold until further notice.


All registered MABC members residing in B.C. that have records created in B.C. will be eligible to apply for funding as follows: 

POLICY: MABC Records Storage and Retention Program

Note: In the event that demand for this program exceeds the funding available, the MABC may not be able to provide full reimbursement to members.


1.  Have you taken action and incurred the costs of paper records storage? If you have your receipt, you can apply for retroactive funding:

  • Retroactive reimbursement for paper records storage:
  • Apply HERE

2. Do you have past midwifery paper records that you want to have stored with MedRecords? 

If you apply between August 1, 2023, and October 31, 2023, MABC will cover all costs associated with transporting and storing these records. For applications received after October 31, 2023, members will incur a cost for this service.

  • Funding application for paper records storage:
  • Apply HERE

Practice Closure and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Storage

Members who have recently closed (after April 1, 2022) or are planning to close their practice are eligible for the costs associated with electronic record conversion and storage to be covered by the MABC.  

3. If you closed your practice after April 1, 2022, incurred the costs for EMR storage, and have your receipt, you can apply for retroactive funding. 

  • Retroactive reimbursement for EMR storage:
  • Apply HERE

4. If you plan to close your practice, you can apply to have the costs associated with EMR conversion and storage covered by the MABC.  

  •  Funding application for electronic medical record storage: 
  • Apply HERE

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please get in touch with Charlotte Morrison at

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