Midwives Association of British Columbia Statement on UBC Midwifery 20th Anniversary

Statement from Lehe Spiegelman

Vancouver, B.C., November 19, 2022 - To celebrate the historic anniversary of the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine Midwifery Program, Lehe Spiegelman, Co-Chair of the Midwives Association of British Columbia and practicing midwife, released the following statement: 

“The University of British Columbia is celebrating a significant milestone for midwifery in the province with the 20th anniversary celebration of its midwifery program. The Midwives Association of British Columbia (MABC) couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with UBC’s midwifery program and its critical role in continuing education opportunities for midwives. 

Since its inception, we’re thrilled to continue to see significant progress in the growth of the program, with an increase in seats available to prospective students. 2022 marked the largest ever graduating class. We’re so pleased to welcome these graduating midwives to the MABC and are grateful for their contributions to the midwifery profession.  

One of our greatest collaborations with UBC is the strong preceptorship program offered to midwifery students. For over 20 years, midwives have been welcoming students into their practices and we’re  grateful to those midwives and the students that continue to show interest and pursuit of the rewarding and thriving career path that is midwifery. 

MABC is deeply invested in continuing to work closely with UBC to increase cohort sizes, scale bridging programs and renew our longstanding commitment to continuing education. Great things are ahead for the future of midwifery in British Columbia, much of that credit going to the strength of UBC’s midwifery program.” 

About the Midwives Association of British Columbia

The Midwives Association of British Columbia (MABC) is the professional association for midwives in B.C. The MABC promotes the profession of midwifery while advocating for the ongoing development and enhancement of its service. The MABC provides continuing education opportunities and professional services to over 400 midwives across the province, while supporting midwifery education programs. The MABC works with its members to ensure they provide skilled, trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive, patient-centered, evidence-based care and has been regulated under the health profession act since 1998.

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