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Last updated: June 4, 2021

Vaccines and Vaccination Plans

  • Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. (PHAC)
  • Detailed Immunization Plan for Canada (PHAC)
  • Guidance on Prioritization of Initial Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines (NACI)
  • Recommendations on the Use of Covid-19 Vaccine(s) (NACI)
  • Review of Covid-19 in pregnancy and postpartum, including specific recommendations for vaccine in pregnancy from FDA, CDC, ACOG, SMFM (JAMA)
  • SOGC statement on Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy (SOGC) - Updated May 2021
  • SOGC statement regarding pregnant women and individuals with COVID-19 in ICUs in Ontario (SOGC)
  • SOGC statement on the Covid-19 vaccines and rare adverse outcomes of thrombosis associated with low platelets (SOGC)
  • Detailed vaccine specific information. Section on pregnancy and breastfeeding supports offering when risk assessment deems benefits outweigh potential risks. (PHAC)

Resources and Toolkits:

  • Early release from CMAJ on the ethical underpinnings of recent SOGC recommendations for Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women. Reinforces an informed choice approach for shared decision-making with clients. (CMAJ)
  • Concise PHAC information for providers on planning, safety, administration, including patient resources and information for Indigenous Peoples. Will be continuously updated. (PHAC)
    • Sample social media messages and images. (PHAC)
  • COVID-19 Vaccines communication tool kit for Indigenous communities. (PHAC)
  • Materials to assist midwives with facilitating nuanced, evidence-based, and respectful discussions around immunization (CAM)
  • Primary Care Immunization Toolkit includes information on how to inform and engage patients, as well as how to plan and manage an immunization clinic. (UBC)
  • Decision aid to help individuals who are pregnant, lactating, or planning on becoming pregnant on deciding whether or not to receive vaccine. (BCCDCFOAMcast)

How do I participate in vaccine clinics in B.C.?

The MABC is actively trying to collect information on vaccine clinics across the province and we will release information as soon as we are able. It appears that some hospitals are reaching out to the medical staff and in other regions, the HA is reaching out directly to care providers. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear route of enrollment for midwives to participate in vaccine clinics across BC at this time, and this is the case for other provider groups as well.

Expressions of interests have been circulated by some Health Authorities, as listed below. This page will continue to be updated as soon as we receive new or additional information on how midwives may signup to participate in vaccine clinics across the province.