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Physiological Breech Workshop

February 14, 2020, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Physiological Breech Workshop

Upright Breech Birth: Hands On Workshop

Date and Time:
Feb 14, 2020

BC Women's Hospital
4800 Oak Street

Target Audience:
OBs, Midwives, Family Physicians, Nurses
Course Format: 
In Person, Hands-on Workshop

Key Speakers

Dr.  Shawn Walker RM PhD. St Thomas and Guy Hospital, Kings College, London, UK.
Dr.  Andrew Kotaska, OB.  Yellowknife, Yukon.
Dr. Raz Moola, OB. Nelson, BC.
Dr. Kim MacDonald, MFM. Victoria, BC.
Dr. Jag Ubhi, OB. UBC Director of Post Grad OB / Gyne, Vancouver, BC.
Dr. Brenda Wagner, OB. Richmond, BC.
Jane Wines RM MA. UBC Midwifery, Vancouver, BC.
Kim Campbell RM MN. UBC Midwifery, Vancouver, BC.

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