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BC government to provide funding for internationally educated midwives

posted on January 14, 2015
Source: CBC Radio - Meera Bains

Clip is unavailable online as it was a live report.

Midwives across the province are expected to receive some help today from the BC government. In BC midwives are so busy they're having to refuse clients. Meera Bains reports internationally educated midwives could be the answer.

Dina Davidson with Coquitlam based Beautiful Babies midwifery has to turn away soon to be mothers.

“We can take about somewhere between fifty and seventy percent of the people who are applying for our care.”

She's happy to hear changes are coming to potentially allow more midwives to help care for pregnant women in BC. Davidson studied in the US then had to go to Ontario to take a program so she could practice here.

“Really there has been no process for internationally educated midwives to become licensed in British Columbia for a couple of years now.”

Across Canada midwives deliver two percent of the country's babies, however in BC they deliver about fourteen percent. The demand is growing and so is the demand for diversity.

“It would be wonderful for women to be able to be cared for by somebody who they can communicate with easily.

The government announcement takes place this afternoon at UBC.

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