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Celebration for Matron Mother of Sooke

posted on September 12, 2015
Source: Chek News

A tearful celebration drew hundreds of families in Sooke today, to honour a woman who’s played a pivotal role in their happy endings.

If you’re from Sooke and you’ve had a baby in the last 5 years, chances are, you know the name Uta Herold. The beloved midwife is like a mother to hundreds of families in the area.
Herold has been a midwife for 36 years. Between her time in Germany and Canada, she’s helped bring thousands of babies in to the world.

“Her gift is incredible, she is very experienced and she brings something to the craft that many others don’t. We’re very lucky,” says mother Laura Barnes, who is one of Herold’s many clients.

Uta says she sticks to one simple philosophy when it comes to midwifery. “I think a good start, a happy start, makes a huge difference in everybody’s life. And that’s what i do.”

Whatever she’s doing, it’s having a huge impact in the community of Sooke, where almost everyone knows her name.

“She has touched a lot of hearts around Sooke because she helps us create our families,” says Barnes.

“I know people who have said they’ve thought about having more kids just to have Uta as their midwife again,” said Sabrina L’Heureaux, another of Uta’s clients.
And with no plans to go anywhere soon, Uta will likey be making more connections for generations to come.

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