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thumbnail May 13, 2020 Making a difference: Midwifery student connects midwives with personal protective equipment
Midwifery student Emily Baxter’s living room looks a bit different these days. Along with the usual evidence of a busy life of a mom and her three kids, it has also been...
thumbnail May 6, 2020 CTV News Vancouver- Community Connection
thumbnail April 24, 2020 How to have a baby in Nelson during a pandemic
Like everything else in Nelson during COVID-19, childbirth has changed. Doctors, nurses and midwives attending births at Kootenay Lake Hospital are wearing full protective...
thumbnail April 13, 2020 How B.C.'s expectant mothers are dealing with added anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic
Lerato Chondoma hasn't stopped crying for more than a week. Her C-section delivery at B.C. Women's Hospital in Vancouver is booked for the last week in April and her list...
thumbnail April 13, 2020 Navigating childbirth amid COVID-19: One woman's first-hand account
VICTORIA -- I’m being asked a lot lately, "How are you feeling?" I’m 37 weeks pregnant, preparing for the birth of my first child. There’s no doubt I’m excited,...
thumbnail April 6, 2020 Hospital remains safe place for childbirth, say Comox Valley care providers
The maternity ward at North Island Hospital remains a safe place to deliver a baby, say health professionals overseeing maternity care at the hospital. They were responding...
thumbnail April 6, 2020 Women seeking home births
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in full force, more women are choosing to do home births rather than enter hospitals, according to Terra Nova Midwifery. “I would say...
thumbnail March 31, 2020 Nova Scotia has cancelled all home births—could it happen in other provinces?
The choice to have a home birth in Canada has been thrown into question this week, after the Nova Scotia government suspended midwifery-led home births without consultation of midwives.
thumbnail March 31, 2020 For some, a scramble to adjust birth plans after Island Health restricts delivery supports
Roxanne Egan-Elliott/ Times Colonist MARCH 29, 2020   Some pregnant women are changing their birth plans in response to new restrictions on the number of guests allowed...
thumbnail March 26, 2020 More moms choosing home births during COVID-19 crisis
More and more women are requesting home births requesting services from midwives during the pandemic. The Midwives Association of British Columbia is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Perinatal Services of BC to equip midwives personal protection equipment and other sanitizing supplies.
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