It’s been 20 years since midwifery became legal in British Columbia.

The first woman to have a baby delivered this way in the province is Benedicte Schioetz.

Schioetz, a native of Norway, says midwifery is the norm where she’s from but the way midwives do it in Canada is going the extra mile.

“What’s unique, I think in Canada, is that midwives are there throughout your pregnancy as well,” she explains.

“They are there taking care of you during you antenatal period, they’re doing your checkups, any education that needs to happen, and any follow-up care that needs to happen, it’s done by the midwife.”

Schioetz now works as a labour and delivery nurse and says over the years she has seen midwifery become more common for mothers.

“Absolutely it’s a popular choice for many women,” she says.

“You have all the care, you get to know the person that’s going to be with you in the delivery room, you have the follow-up care which is amazing.”

Midwifery became legal in BC January 1st, 1998.