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LISTEN: Internationally trained midwives coming to BC

posted on January 15, 2015
Source: CKNW, Liza Yuzda

The growing number of women using midwives in BC will be getting more options with a new program at UBC.

Starting in January 2016, eight internationally trained midwives will be able to get their training at UBC to work in the province.

The head of the program, Dr. Michelle Butler, says this training will last six to 12 months.

“We look at the programs they’ve come through. We look at the experience that they’ve had. We look at how recent that experience is and the range of experience. And on that basis we design a program for them.”

Butler says these international midwives will give cultural and language options to BC women.

Currently 20 midwives graduate annually from UBC’s four year program.

18 percent of births in the province last year were done by midwives.

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