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thumbnail July 12, 2019 Multiplying the friendship
A small miracle is in this living room. Four newborn babies rest peacefully. At the same time. They have been nursed, soothed, cuddled, and caressed by their mommas. And now...
thumbnail June 11, 2019 Families of colour experience high rates of mistreatment by providers during childbirth in the U.S.
UBC News Mothers of colour experience less respect and autonomy and more mistreatment than white women during childbirth, according to new research from the University of...
thumbnail June 7, 2019 With Chilliwack maternity ward closing, expectant mothers scramble to make other plans
'Our women are devastated,' says Sandra Hoft's midwife, Natasha Oglesby, who questions whether authorities are considering the safety implications of such a closure. (Submitted...
thumbnail June 6, 2019 'This will affect so many moms'
Health officials are asking pregnant women who were planning to deliver at Chilliwack General Hospital later this month to make other arrangements due to a shortage of obstetricians....
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