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Midwives set up shop in Mile 0 City

posted on January 16, 2018

Midwives set up shop in Mile 0 City


Dawson Creek Midwifery has opened their doors for women looking to have their maternity care provided by midwives. 

They will be offering the option to birth at home or at the DC District Hospital.  Women residing in Dawson Creek can expect to have their postpartum visits for mom and baby at their home during the first week or two and remain in midwifery care up to six weeks postpartum. Planning documents reveal the clinic will be located in the downtown core.

“New clients with due dates from January and on wards will be accepted, and we all ready have had three birth in the first week.  Two in the DCDH and one out-of-hospital birth” says midwife Sonje Juul.  

Northern Health officials note there is no out of pocket expense to BC families for choosing a midwife. The clinic will be the first midwife clinic for northeast BC.  

“Midwifery has always been my passion and I take great joy in being part of providing this option to families in rural BC, the same option women in the cities have enjoyed for years.”

The Midwives Association of BC reports that they aim to deliver 35 percent of births in the province by 2020. Midwives were involved in the care of 22.5 percent of birth in 15/16.

Association documents reveal this results in shorter average hospital stays and fewer caesarian sections and obstetrical interventions. Dawson Creek Midwifery is located at 205-833 102nd Ave.       

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