News > BC registered midwife salary dispute threatened to strike /助产士争调薪 扬言罢工

BC registered midwife salary dispute threatened to strike /助产士争调薪 扬言罢工

posted on July 25, 2014

On behalf of 220 registered midwives in British Columbia provincial government has issued a notice of the union, claiming that if the Oct. 7 did not respond to increased service resources, midwives staffing and salary conditions, will not hesitate to take industrial action. Home Network
Executive Director of the British Association of Midwives Qiaolikeer (Ganga Jolicoeur) said that if before the October deadline, the provincial government has not made a positive return conditions should Association will suspend the agreement, and may rise to industrial action.
Qiaolikeer said that if negotiations break, a lot of the preparatory program of industrial action, but does not include refuse birth newborn baby because the midwife Association believes that belong to basic services. Midwives Association of British Columbia has stopped to assist UBC midwifery department student internships. Canadian home network
Midwives Association of the conditions put forward by the provincial government include: the provincial government over the next five years an additional 3 million yuan each year for women in remote areas of British Columbia province to provide better midwifery services, and allow midwives five years pay 15%.
Provincial Health Department spokesman Anderson (Kristy Anderson) said that the provincial government and the public service union labor agreements are limited to 5 years salary 5.5% range.
Anderson said that if the October 7 midwives are still unable to resolve labor disputes, negotiations will already take the case or had midwives for pregnant women should be able to continue to provide assistance miscarriage and postpartum services.

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