Support Midwifery in British Columbia

Public demand for midwives continues to grow. In B.C., we have reached an all-time high in parents seeking midwifery care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum with midwives involved in almost one quarter of pregnancies in the province.

Despite this growth in demand, B.C. midwives are the second lowest paid in their profession across the country. Registered midwives and family physicians provide the same primary maternity care, and yet B.C. midwives are excluded from provincial benefits – such as health and disability, pension and parental leave. If the fundamental inequities remain unaddressed, one in three B.C. midwives say they will be forced to leave B.C. to make it in the profession or change careers.

B.C.’s government has the opportunity to address the inequities in our healthcare system and ensure the long-term availability of midwifery services for all British Columbians.

Where does the MABC stand?

The Midwives Association of BC (MABC) is asking the B.C. government to make midwifery a priority. We are calling on them to address the challenges that midwives are facing and support B.C. midwives so we can continue to deliver for B.C. families.

Specifically, we are asking the B.C. government to allocate funding to:

  1. Ensure B.C. families continue to receive high-quality primary maternity care by investing in benefits and business supports for midwives.
  2. Make certain that Indigenous families have access to maternity care in their own communities by removing barriers to entry for aspiring Indigenous midwives.
  3. Ensure the interests of all British Columbians are represented in provincial initiatives to transform our primary healthcare system by providing equitable funding and support that enables all primary care providers to contribute to the changes.

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