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I strongly support BC's registered midwives in their negotiations with the Ministry of Health. I urge the provincial government to start delivering for women and families and reach a sensible agreement that will properly support midwifery and increase access to maternity care, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs.

Delivering one-in-five babies in BC, registered midwives play an increasingly important role in providing maternity care in our province. Demand for their services is growing as more women exercise their right to choose their maternity care provider. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health is being inflexible and is unwilling to negotiate a sensible deal.

As my local MLA, I encourage you, the Minister of Health and the Premier to recognize:

  • Many women in BC's rural, northern and First Nations communities have difficulty accessing appropriate maternity and newborn care in their home communities and must often travel hundreds of kilometres to receive it.
  • BC's registered midwives are highly trained, educated and regulated professionals who are experts in healthy pregnancy, birth and post natal care. They can increase access to maternity care and improve health outcomes for women and newborns in our province.
  • A nominal investment in midwifery today will result in savings of $60 million by 2020 and $20 million annually after that; freeing up dollars for other health care priorities.

Please start delivering for BC's women and families and reach a sensible agreement with registered midwives that will increase access to maternity care, improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Thank you,

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