Alescia Richardson


What are the challenges you’re facing as a midwife practicing during the pandemic?

Spending more time away from my family when others are spending more time with their families. Increased costs associated with tracking down PPE and ensuring our office space continues to ensure everyone's safety.

How has your midwifery practice changed since the pandemic?

More phone visits, more time coordinating and planning patient care.  More waste created with a lot more one time use products. Reduced postpartum visit is definitely one of the hardest changes. Also, less baby snuggles! 

Can you please describe a snapshot of a recent workday?

Don't leave the house without an extra meal packed, at least 3 change of clothes, including extra socks, PPE and enough gloves and wipes to ensure everything I touch or someone else touches can be wiped down. 

What, if anything, is helping you get through this crisis?

The peace that comes with everyone else slowing down. The quieter streets, the cleaner air, the calmer waters. As stressful as this time is, it seems many people are finding peace in the ordinary things. People are slowing down to connect in more meaningful ways.  Neighbours are being more neighbourly, strangers more friendly. There is a sense that real world peace could be reached!

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