Heba Al-Nashef


What are the challenges you're facing as a midwife practicing during the pandemic?

  • Physical distancing during clinic visits and especially during labour and delivery. It is quite the adjustment given the imitate nature and proximity when providing labour support and care. 
  • Not having partners during the visits to minimize the exposure. We are asking them to participate virtually or on the phone instead. 
  • Wearing PPE for prolonged periods and breathing in a mask for 12 hours or so.

How has your midwifery practice changed since the pandemic?

  • Clinic visits schedule, appointments are less frequent now with our low-risk population. We are working hard to maintain connections and providing ongoing support to our clients and their families during the COVID pandemic. 
  • Very time consuming and strict infection control measures in between patients. 

Can you please describe a snapshot of a recent workday?

  • I work in an alternative interprofessional practice with high caseload volume.
  • I started my shift at 07:15 at BCW. As I was finishing my first postpartum round, another client was ready to have a baby. It was in a fast and furious fashion.
  • I then went to assess another labouring client on the ward. 
  • I finished four postpartum rounds and discharged a few of them.
  • Triaged/assessed two clients at the Urgent Care Centre (UCC). 
  • Lastly, the labouring client from earlier that morning, she was ready to have her baby as my shift was coming to its end. I handed over to my colleague. 

What, if anything, is helping you get through this crisis?

  • My parents are staying with me.
  • My mom's delicious cooking and daily meals. 
  • I am very grateful to have PPE despite its challenges.  

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